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Power BI Connector for Jira — a reliable assistant in building high-quality business intelligence

Time is one of the most important resources, especially when it comes to business, its development and profit.

One of the harmful time wasters today is outdated approaches to work: routine processes that are still performed manually instead of entrusting their implementation to modern technologies and to finally tackle the issues of growth in performance indicators and development.

Stop wasting your precious time! Start implementing automated time tracking and get the complete information about the state of affairs in your company in one place.

The DOIT-BI team of specialists is happy to present their own developed product which will save your time, money and optimize processes. Meet the Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira.

Connectors from DOIT-BI will give you the ability to quickly and efficiently set up integration between Jira — a project management tool, and Power Bi — unified business intelligence platform that make visualization of any transmitted data possible.

We will definitely talk about all the possibilities of connectors in the following articles but today we propose to dwell on the use of the Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira by DOIT-BI and its role in the interaction of the Jira platform, Tempo and Power Bi plugins.

Jira and Tempo Plugins: improving of the team productivity

Analytical platforms are an extremely useful tool for businesses. They allow you to process all the available data in the company. Starting from here the future business strategies and useful ideas are being created. As a result, productivity and overall business efficiency increase.

Each business owner, manager, team leader, employee has the ability to automatically collect data, structure and analyze it. Get reliable information which is necessary for accounting, invoicing and reports.

This article will be useful for those who use the Jira platform in their workflows, have already implemented or only plan to implement integration with Power BI for further data visualization.

This is important for those businesses that are in search of effective modern control solutions or are puzzled by the issue of tracking time resources and planning the work process of teams of specialists.

Jira is a service that is used in the project management niche. The program is designed for team use and allows the distribution of roles, levels of responsibility within the team and other points that are important in effective interaction and obtaining the expected result.

Users have the ability to maintain a list of assignments and tasks, track errors and quickly fix them.

As a result, you will get the absence of chaos, routine work and increased productivity of the team.

Jira is developed by Atlassian. Today, there are a large number of plugins that are additions to Atlassian Jira. We have already told you about some of them in other materials. As one of the examples, we told you how the connection is made using the Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira.

Now we want to dwell directly on the Tempo plugins. These are 3 handy additions to project management.

Namely, we are talking about:

As a result of using these software products, the visibility and efficiency of the project increase. They serve as a huge enhancement to Jira, helping with team collaboration, resource scheduling and allocation, budget management, and time tracking.

One of the biggest advantages is the fact that the plugins interact perfectly with each other. For example, you can compare the actual time spent on work recorded in Tempo Timesheets with the time originally planned in Tempo Planner. Thus, evaluating the results, you can pay attention to weaknesses and eliminate flaws.

As for other advantages, we would like to note:

  1. The manager can request time from other teams, as well as plan and approve work.
  2. The usage of plugins makes it possible to put things in order by using a simple and effective message in priorities.
  3. It is possible to group, filter, save, export and share reports.
  4. Effort dispersion can be tracked and data that will later be used in the process of future work planning can be obtained.

Tempo Timesheets: what can it do?

Tempo Timesheets is an efficient solution for those who use Jira. It gives the opportunity to monitor the time spent on work processes, manage it and distribute it successfully. Tempo Timesheets is one of those innovations that are designed to optimize processes and thereby bring the results of work to a new level.

As we have mentioned, the plugin works in tandem with JIRA — a project management platform, opening up more opportunities for the user.

Using Timesheet it is possible to view the time log for

  • a question
  • team
  • project
  • user
  • specific account or even a filter created in Jira.

For your deeper understanding, we would like to share our own small case.

One of our clients asked for a report, which should contain information about the total time spent on projects, as well as users and tasks. In addition, we needed the ability to filter by date and by role. Here is what we got after using the Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira Cloud:

The report shows 6 stages:

  • date filter;
  • filter by teams and roles;
  • time spent on projects, which is broken down by date;
  • user time spent on projects;
  • the total amount of time spent on projects;
  • spent and paid time broken down by projects and users.

Thanks to integration with the Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira, you can create a visually understandable detailed report in seconds. A selection of useful information about the team and detailed data will be used for this.

Timesheet data can be converted to actual project cost figures. It is possible to monitor the financial situation at any level.

Tempo Planner: what can it do?

As we said, the main purpose of Tempo is to expand the capabilities of Jira in the direction of planning and resource management, building transparency in work and increasing the level of team productivity. Therefore, further we will talk about one of the most important Jira add-ons for forming a general picture of the company’s work capacity and resource planning — Tempo Planner.

Tempo Planner is the only resource that provides the ability to schedule multiple resources at the same time. The plugin will help you quickly make a balanced decision using real data.

Especially for this topic, we have one of the working cases. The management of one of our clients required him to prepare a detailed report on how much resources were planned for each project by the team and each employee separately and how much time was spent. To do this, he turned to us and asked us to help prepare such a report. We prepared all the necessary information using the Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira. As a result, we got:

If you still doubt the need to use the tool, we will give a few more reasons regarding the benefits of integrating Jira and Tempo Planner.


  1. Tempo Planner is the only tool on the Atlassian Marketplace that has the ability to schedule multiple resources within a single task.
  2. You can include your own filters and Jira projects which are of interest. You just need to customize the sidebar for this.
  3. You get a complete overview of all company resources. Thus, it is possible to secure processes in advance against an unexpected failure or force majeure.
  4. Receive feedback from company employees. Specialists can be involved in work and development planning. This also improves communication within the team.
  5. Maintain order, clarity and transparency in project documentation. Keep everything in one place and in perfect order.
  6. Create reporting documentation in real time. This no longer requires the use of Google Spreadsheets.

Remember: planning and tracking working time should not be perceived as something costly and painful. There is no need to be afraid of change and the introduction of innovative technologies in work processes.

Tempo Budgets: what can it do?

Tempo Budgets is a management tool of financial projects and portfolios for small and medium businesses and also large enterprises implementing traditional or flexible management methods. This is an efficient and fast budget builder for those who have implemented Jira into their workflows.

With flexible earned value management, all your projects and portfolios are available in one complete overview. Get a complete financial overview of your investments, including planned and actual expenses, EVM, income and positions.

Moreover, you can simplify your financial management and create, plan, and track budget in as much detail as you like. It is possible to view the planned costs and later compare them with the actual ones.

You can monitor financial performance in depth. This includes operating expenses, capital expenditures, and the ability to manage payroll.

Visualization example:

Our clients, who have already implemented the Tempo Budgets plugin, share with us the benefits they chose for themselves. Here are some of them:

  • Possibility of a full real-time visualization of the status of the project, as well as a portfolio, taking into account the income and expenses of the project.
  • Convenient distribution of personnel, workload of specialists, capacities, resources.
  • Manage payroll, rates and overtime pay.
  • Reports can be visualized, analyzed, extracted. You can export data in various ways.

Separately, we would like to briefly remind you about the flawless collaboration of Tempo Budgets — the possibility of integration with Tempo Timesheets & Tempo Planner. This allows you to close a maximum of production issues in one place.

And after that, we can get an excellent bundle of Tempo products and Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira, and transfer a complete package of information to the business intelligence system, which will then be visualized and presented in the form of a report.

So, summing up…

If you care about your business and are determined to work on its constant growth, it’s time to actively implement modern tools that will help you quickly process information, analyze it, and adjust your action and development plan.

We smoothly bring you to the need of using modern business intelligence systems. Today, such platforms allow you to process all the data on the company: ◽ financial movements, ◽ time costs, ◽ plan/actual ratios, etc.

Today, we offer a variant of how to solve issues of interaction with employees, manage finances and control the use of working time in one place. To do this, choose the Jira project management system and connect 3 permanent assistants from Atlassian Jira to it:

  • Tempo Timesheets (Control and management of the schedule)
  • Tempo Planner (Resource planning)
  • Tempo Budget (Control and budget management)

Unfortunately, there is not always enough knowledge and skills to quickly transfer this data to one place. But, as we have already described above, for those who have chosen the Jira management system for data collection, the DOIT-BI team is ready to provide a turnkey solution: Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira Cloud.

Create and export your data sources with the Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira. Analyze them quickly, securely and efficiently once transferred to your BI platform account. A user-friendly interface allows you to create a truly informative report. As, for example, it is shown in our cases.

How to connect?
Without even the slightest experience in integration issues, using a simple step-by-step instruction, you can, on your own, without involving a programmer, establish a connection between Microsoft Power BI and Jira.

❗ Do not waste time, improve the business of your company, while competitors are still thinking. And the specialists of our company are ready at any time to provide qualified advice on all issues.

Start your free 30 days trial Power BI Connector for Jira by DOIT-BI today on Marketplace Atlassian.