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We develop premium plugins designed to bridge Jira, Trello, and monday.com with leading BI tools, ensuring a seamless flow of data and insights. Beyond mere integration, we offer transformation. Each of our plugins boasts a user-friendly UX/UI design, ensuring even the most non-technical users can easily navigate and gain the insights they need. Plus, with our no-code approach, implementation is a breeze, eliminating technical barriers and making data-driven decision-making accessible to all. With a steadfast focus on security, performance, and scalability, we empower businesses to turn workflow insights into winning choices.

Dive into enhanced data security, intuitive BI connectors, and effective integrations that elevate every task!

Task Management Platforms We Work With

Jira Apps

Seamlessly connect Jira to BI tools, converting tasks into actionable insights. With a user-friendly UI/UX and no-code design, harness the full potential of your Jira data effortlessly.

monday.com Apps

Streamline your monday.com experience with our plugins,
forging direct paths to BI tools. Experience an effortless transition
from boards to data-driven decisions,
all without touching a single line of code.

Trello Apps

Amplify your Trello workflow with our plugins, creating a dynamic bridge
to top BI tools. Transition from cards to comprehensive
insights smoothly, enabling data-informed actions
without the coding hassle.

Why Choose DOIT-BI

Ease of Use

An intuitive interface coupled with pre-designed templates ensures swift and immediate outcomes.

Security and Reliability

Each plugin is fortified with advanced security and delivers reliable performance, ensuring secure and steadfast BI integrations.

Premium Support

Our consultants are available from 9 AM to
5 PM CET on weekdays, Monday through Friday, to assist with any inquiries you may have.

Boost Your BI Insights with Our Robust Connectors

Link your BI tools with top project management systems to optimize data analysis and drive smarter decisions.

Power BI Connectors

Power BI Connectors

Empower your data insights.
With our Power BI connectors, integrate seamlessly with platforms such as Jira, monday.com, and Trello. Elevate project management, evaluate crucial KPIs, and craft interactive reports. Streamline data collection from multiple sources straight into Power BI, maximizing efficiency and conserving team resources.

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Tableau Connectors

Tableau Connectors

Amplify your data insight capabilities.
Leverage our Tableau connectors to effortlessly bridge your system with Jira, or monday.com. Dive deep into vast data sets, craft compelling reports, and generate vibrant visualizations. Experience swift, flawless integration and optimal performance, accelerating your team's data-driven decision-making.

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Looker Studio Connectors

Looker Studio Connectors

Boost your data analysis prowess.
Utilize our Looker Studio Connector to seamlessly link your system with Jira, monday.com, and Trello. Delve into extensive data pools, construct insightful reports, and produce dynamic visualizations. Benefit from rapid, seamless integration and peak efficiency, hastening your team's informed decision-making process.

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Qlik Sense & Qlik View Connector for Jira Cloud

Qlik Sense & Qlik View Connector for Jira Cloud

Leverage the power of Qlik with DOIT-BI's Qlik Connector for Jira Cloud. Seamlessly integrate Jira with both Qlik Sense and Qlik View. Craft and export data sets, generate insightful reports, and design dynamic dashboards. Prioritize data security with our connector, benefit from adaptable access configurations, and export from a range of Jira modules like Jira Core, Jira Service Desk, and Tempo Timesheet. Enhance Jira activity tracking, evaluate team output, and drive data-informed business choices.

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Customers are thrilled with our apps

Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira

The developers were very responsive in fixing performance issues we experienced. The app works great now and is very useful to us.

Nicolas Bourdages


Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira

One of the best add-on to get Jira / Tempo and Xray datas in PowerBi. Eazy to handle. The "Data preparation" is a great feature that improves the speed of data recovery. The support team is responsive and efficient whether it is to fix problems or implement new features.

Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira

The best app on the market to export data from Jira to Power BI. Before we saw this application, we used the REST API and other applications from the Atlassian Marketplace. But your application works many times better than others. We don't experience any issues when exporting data from Jira to Power BI. All data is structured and loaded very quickly. We liked the data preparation functionality and user-friendly interface. I wish you to get into the top Atlassian Marketplace. I am sure you will succeed as your application is the BEST

Jerry Lew

Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira

It is a very good application for integration with the Power BI application. Requests are responded to quickly and solutions are provided.

Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira

we have been using this for both data into Excel and Power BI for a few months now and I just love the way it unlocks the data and allows anything that is available in Jira to be reproduced accurately and give a whole lot more functionality on top of that. The Histories table allows great forensic detail of the lifecycle of issues that is very difficult to surface on a larger scale within Jira. It has allowed us to build Power Bi reporting that once set up is maintenance free. Demi and the team have been very responsive and added functionality to the connector when requested and resolved any technical issues very quickly (mainly when my lack of knowledge lets me down) I would Highly recommend this connector.

Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira

Pulling all our Jira data (incl timesheet) to Power BI with this plugin. Very stable, works perfectly fine for us. Identified a bug in an exported field, which was fixed within hours - very responsive support team!

Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira

This is a solid product, at a good price, and with an excellent support team. Currently the basic data within Jira is exporting to Power BI very effectively. The data around Scrum Sprints needs a little improvement, the support team has been responsive, and quick to fix the bugs that I have been finding. I fully expect that very shortly they will have the Sprint Metrics data completely smoothed out, and that is why I'm giving 4 stars. I like that it also has Test Case data from Zephry Scale. That is the next section that I'm going to start investigating.

Looker Studio Connector for Jira

The plugin seems to do it's job. We've managed to get Jira driven dashboards into Looker. It's a little slow, and the UX is a little clunky, but it does do the job asked of it. The support also have been great and they have provided guides on how to build specific reports. I would love to see some more guides published online to show of the capabilities of the data that can be extracted, and how best to use it.

Looker Studio Connector for Jira

Great for getting incident data for dashboards into Google Data Studio/Looker - works really well, with good documentation and help to help you configure your connectors easily and robustly. A bonus is great responsive support when things don't go as planned.

Looker Studio Connector for Jira

very useful app

Admin re tempo

Microsoft Power BI & Tableau Connector for Jira (Cloud)

Plugin is great and the support incredibly responsive. I recommend using this plugin.

Albert Desbazeille


Microsoft Power BI & Tableau Connector for Jira (Cloud)

Plugin works fine. Support is very responsive to my questions/requests/ideas. I had to go that route due to the lack of reporting in JIRA. "Power BI & Tableau for Jira Cloud" + "Power BI" seems to be a good alternative solution.

Microsoft Power BI & Tableau Connector for Jira (Cloud)

This plugin works and has been easy to set up. The developer has been very responsive to requests for help and improvement requests. I highly recommend Power BI for reporting over anything in Jira. From reporting on actual time tracking, linking epics through to sub-tasks, or developing gantt chart roadmaps. The usability of Power BI far exceeds what Jira can do, and this plugin helps us get the data in a nice format anyone familiar with database relationships will easily be able to work with.

Nate Dudenhoeffer


Microsoft Power BI & Tableau Connector for Jira (Cloud)

Good value for money. The connector was easily setup and support has been very helpful in fine-tuning the sync and answering some of my question.

Sherpa Business Automation


Microsoft Power BI & Tableau Connector for Jira

We use this app to pull Jira data into the PowerBI Desktop. It works very well. Documentation is good and tech support has been very good. The support agents are responsive and knowledgeable.

Jean Costello


Microsoft Power BI & Tableau Connector for Jira

This app has features that don't exist in others one. For example to allows you to connect to Profields app and BigPictures. The interface is easy to use and it allows you to enable and disable connection. On top of that, the support is amazing, I suggested to add a feature to the app and in two days, it was implemented and released.

Rami Khader


Qlik Sense & Qlik View Connector for Jira

Very functional plug in. It allows for easier integration between your internal Jira system and Qlik Sense / View software. One of its greatest strengths is the ease in configuring the connection to your data, in order to allow rapid exports of them to Qlik. Another of the advantages of this connector is the presence of a very prepared and available technical support, able to work every day on the growth of the product and, above all, available to work on adding features based on the customer's needs.

Andrea Cosimo Stranieri



Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started with DOIT-BI?

Simply select the connector that corresponds with your BI tool and follow the setup guide, ensuring all processes natively integrate within your task management environment.

What security assurances can you offer?

Your data is safeguarded and consistently backed up. Our apps have successfully passed the Atlassian bug bounty program, earning the Cloud Fortified badge. Furthermore, we utilize AWS servers for secure and dependable data storage.

Which analytics tools are compatible with your services?

We offer Connectors for Power BI, Tableau, Looker Studio, Qlik Sense & Qlik View.

How to get technical support?

Our consultants are available from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays, Monday through Friday, to address any inquiries. Reach out to us through email, our website forms, or directly on the marketplaces.

What advantages can I expect by opting for DOIT-BI?

By choosing DOIT-BI, you'll benefit from a user-friendly interface, pre-designed template reports, robust security, and responsive support. We offer tailor-made solutions for your needs at competitive pricing.

Is there a free version I can try?

While we offer a variety of payment methods, primary transactions are processed through the marketplaces for which you purchase our connectors. Additionally, free trial versions are available via these marketplaces, subject to their specific policies.

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