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Using Power BI & Tableau for Jira, you can export Jira data in Microsoft Power BI or Tableau. Using Power BI or Tableau you can track the activity in your Jira, evaluate the results of team work and apply the right business decisions according to the data that you will receive using our plugin.

To quickly and reliably structure all queries use advanced search with Jira Query Language (JQL). Writing JQL in our plugin is the same as Jira standards. The editor JQL uses code that hints as you type.

Data exported by the plugin:

  • Jira Core - standard and custom fields, history data
  • Jira Software - boards and sprint data
  • Jira Service Desk - SLA fields and etc.
  • Tempo Timesheet - work attributes, accounts teams and etc.

Power BI

Give your team the opportunity to get useful information based on data. Get quick answers to your business questions. Work efficiently together - breathe life into your data with Power BI.



Tableau will help you transform data into successful ideas. Leave the chart builders behind. Live visual analytics will help build dashboards and perform ad hoc analyses in just a few clicks. Make a positive impact on your business. Explore and Win.

Amazing Features

We have combined the best solutions on the market into one.

User Friendly

We have created a simple and intuitive interface. The user does not need to perform many actions when creating a connector.

Permission Control

We took care of the security of your data. Created a very flexible configuration of connector permissions. When unloading, the user sees data that is only available to him.

Smart and Fast Export

The connectors are exported very quickly. To export data, we use Jira REST API and applied data caching.

Unique Features

We made JQL autocomplete and validation similar to Jira, so you don't need to worry about incorrect queries.

Support 24/7

Our support works 24/7. You can write for any questions and suggestions, we will answer with lightning speed.

Server Pricing

Free for 30 days

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Cloud Pricing

Free for 30 days

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