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DOIT-BI is not just a company, it's a team of professionals in the field of business analytics. With us, your business will get a new boost for growth. We develop integration connectors and analytical tools, simplifying the data collection and analysis process. Our mission is to transform data into valuable insights for optimizing business processes and making strategic decisions.

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Our Connector Solutions

Elevate your business analytics and project management with our diverse range of integration connectors.

Jira Apps

Integrate Jira for better project management. Our connectors link Jira with your favorite analytics tools, offering full control over workflows and tasks.

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Power BI Connectors

Make data analysis powerful with Jira and Power BI integration. Save time and improve KPIs.

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Tableau Connectors

Integrate Tableau with Jira and Monday for faster, informed decisions.

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Looker Studio Connectors

Visualize success with Looker's Jira and Monday integration.

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Qlik Connector

Integrate Qlik and Jira for better data analysis and decision-making.

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Sync tasks with for efficient project management.

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Trello Apps

Enhance Trello project management with improved analytics.

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Meet Our Team

Olha Haivanenko
Co-Founder, Head of Quality Assurance

With a Master’s Degree of Economic Sciences and 8 years of experience in the IT industry, Olha is a foundational member of our team. She holds the role of Head of QA and is a certified quality assurance professional.

Olha’s primary responsibility is to ensure the quality of our products, ensuring they meet the highest standards. Her enthusiasm adds a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere to our workplace.

Dmytro Kvashenko
Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

With a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and over 7 years of experience in the IT industry, Dmytro is a virtuoso on the technical side of our company. He is responsible for the development of all our innovative ideas.

Dmytro is not just a technical genius but also actively participates in all aspects of our business. His passion for excellence and over 7 years of experience make him an integral part of our team.

Anton Unguryanu
Master of Computer Science
Frontend Developer, React Developer

With a Master’s Degree in computer science, Anton is a highly experienced professional in web development, with a strong focus on frontend development. He brings over 20 years of extensive experience in creating websites and plugins.

Anton also brings the valuable experience of owning a web design studio for 5 years. Additionally, he is a React Developer, highlighting his commitment to staying updated with the latest industry technologies. Anton is known for his sense of responsibility and readiness to lend a helping hand at all times, making him a valuable asset to our team.

Maksym Kaprarenko
Growth Manager

With a Master’s Degree in Medical Engineering, Max found himself in international business relations, having over 7 years of experience in Worldwide B2B Sales, participating in numerous international trade fairs, and helping grow 2 startups from scratch into successful businesses with total revenue of over $10 million.

Thanks to his passion for video and photography, he has a strong sense of style, which is crucial in marketing and product development, so Maksym’s primary role at
DOIT-BI is the company’s growth.

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