We are experts in making data analytics easy and accessible

DOIT-BI streamlines the process of integrating vast data sets from diverse project management tools into leading analytics platforms for BI (Business Intelegence). Harness your data effortlessly, propelling your ability to make informed business decisions.

Ease of use

Our intuitive, no-code interface, complemented by pre-designed templates, allows for immediate deployment and swift results, ensuring productivity without technical hurdles.

Security and reliability

Each plugin is fortified with advanced security and delivers reliable performance, ensuring secure and steadfast BI integrations. Moreover, our Jira Cloud Connectors participated in the Atlassian Security Self-assessment and Bug Bounty programs, earning the distinguished Cloud Fortified badge for added security assurance.

Premium Support

Our consultants are available from 9 AM to 5 PM CET on weekdays, Monday through Friday, to assist with any inquiries you may have.

Benefits you'll gain with the Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira:

DOIT-BI connectors for Jira enhance your business intelligence and analytics experience.

  • SAML SSO Compatibility
  • clear interface for creating data sources
  • automatic detection of relationships between exported tables
  • convenient preview of tables in the form of ERD diagrams
  • data filtering by JQL with autocomplete as in Jira
  • choosing Jira Filter to filter data
  • flexible issuance of access to the plugin and connectors
  • an audit allows you to view the entire history of connector changes

Our Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira offers you a competitive advantage!

With our Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira, you have the ability to export Jira data to Microsoft Power BI, enabling you to assess team performance and make informed business decisions based on the insights generated by our plugin.

Convenient management of data sources

With the Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira, you can easily create Data Sources through an intuitive and user-friendly interface, enabling you to swiftly generate informative reports and dashboards.

Easily digestible visualization of your data

Our Microsoft Power BI Connector for Jira enables enterprise-wide analytics that can be shared in real-time across departments, providing swift and timely responses for business needs and allowing for flexible reactions to any changes.

Safeguarding your data

Our connectors have earned the Cloud Fortified and Cloud Security Participant badges, ensuring thorough testing for security and reliability. We prioritize customer data protection by implementing reasonable technical and administrative measures to safeguard personal information.

How it works

Install the connector

After purchasing one of our connectors, download and install it. Add the widget(s) to your dashboard.

Go through quick onboarding

Tweak the connector to your liking. It is mostly automated and settings are easy to understand.

Export data

Grant data permissions to respective APIs and wait until the data is exported.

Enjoy your new data integration!

Make the most out of the integration in an easily digestible and visualized way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started with DOIT-BI?

Just choose the connector you need and follow the installation instructions. Everything is done natively through your tools.

What security guarantees do you provide?

All your data is protected and backed up. We have passed all necessary security checks and have the appropriate certifications.

What analytics tools do you support?

We support Power BI, Tableau, Looker, and many others.

How to get technical support?

Our support service is available 24/7. You can contact us via email, forms on the website, or marketplaces.

What benefits will I get by choosing DOIT-BI?

You'll get a user-friendly interface, high security, and 24/7 support. Ready-made solutions for your tasks and very minimal costs.

Do you have a free version?

Payment methods vary, but the main services are paid for through the marketplaces of the tools for which you buy connectors from us.

Our Clients Reviews

The developers were very responsive in fixing performance issues we experienced. The app works great now and is very useful to us.

Nicolas Bourdages


One of the best add-on to get Jira / Tempo and Xray datas in PowerBi. Eazy to handle. The "Data preparation" is a great feature that improves the speed of data recovery. The support team is responsive and efficient whether it is to fix problems or implement new features.

The best app on the market to export data from Jira to Power BI. Before we saw this application, we used the REST API and other applications from the Atlassian Marketplace. But your application works many times better than others. We don't experience any issues when exporting data from Jira to Power BI. All data is structured and loaded very quickly. We liked the data preparation functionality and user-friendly interface. I wish you to get into the top Atlassian Marketplace. I am sure you will succeed as your application is the BEST

Jerry Lew

It is a very good application for integration with the Power BI application. Requests are responded to quickly and solutions are provided.

we have been using this for both data into Excel and Power BI for a few months now and I just love the way it unlocks the data and allows anything that is available in Jira to be reproduced accurately and give a whole lot more functionality on top of that. The Histories table allows great forensic detail of the lifecycle of issues that is very difficult to surface on a larger scale within Jira. It has allowed us to build Power Bi reporting that once set up is maintenance free. Demi and the team have been very responsive and added functionality to the connector when requested and resolved any technical issues very quickly (mainly when my lack of knowledge lets me down) I would Highly recommend this connector.

Pulling all our Jira data (incl timesheet) to Power BI with this plugin. Very stable, works perfectly fine for us. Identified a bug in an exported field, which was fixed within hours - very responsive support team!

This is a solid product, at a good price, and with an excellent support team. Currently the basic data within Jira is exporting to Power BI very effectively. The data around Scrum Sprints needs a little improvement, the support team has been responsive, and quick to fix the bugs that I have been finding. I fully expect that very shortly they will have the Sprint Metrics data completely smoothed out, and that is why I'm giving 4 stars. I like that it also has Test Case data from Zephry Scale. That is the next section that I'm going to start investigating.