We are experts in making data analytics easy and accessible

DOIT-BI is a solution that will aid you in handling extensive datasets from multiple sources in real time. CRM systems, project management apps, and data sources such as Microsoft Power BI, all neatly presented for your convenience. Making well-informed business decisions has never been easier!

Ease of use

Our products have a clear and intuitive interface that doesn't need any special learning to master. All necessary information is provided via a single comprehensive dashboard and can be customized to suit your particular needs at the moment.

Security and reliability

All our products have Cloud Fortified and Cloud Security Participant badges. Your personal and company data will be safe and secure, with multiple backups in case of accidents.

24/7 customer support

All customer requests are processed instantly, at any time, every day of the week. We seek to understand your issues and provide the correct solutions for your convenience.

Advantages of DOIT-BI Tableau Jira connector

This connector eliminates manual data extraction, providing a single source of truth for your decision-making processes. Experience the synergy of agile analytics, advanced visualization, and data-driven insights with our Jira Tableau connector:
  • Seamless Jira Integration
  • Intuitive Data Source Creation
  • Dynamic Data Relationship Detection
  • Enhanced Visualization with Tableau
  • Streamlined Data Extraction with JQL
  • Customizable Access Control
  • Comprehensive Change Audit

Our Tableau Jira connector offers you a competitive advantage!

Our Jira to Tableau Connector empowers you to seamlessly export Jira data into Tableau, enabling thorough analysis of team performance and informed business decisions. Harness Tableau's robust data visualization capabilities to create interactive reports and dashboards that provide valuable insights into project progress and efficiency.

Automated Data Relationship Detection

Accelerate data modeling with automatic detection of relationships between exported tables.

Advanced Visualization using Tableau

Leverage Tableau's advanced visualization tools to craft impactful reports and dashboards from Jira data.

Streamlined Data Extraction through JQL

Efficiently extract specific data using JQL queries, ensuring relevant information is readily available in Tableau.

How it works

Install the connector

After purchasing one of our connectors, download and install it. Add the widget(s) to your dashboard.

Go through quick onboarding

Tweak the connector to your liking. It is mostly automated and settings are easy to understand.

Export data

Grant data permissions to respective APIs and wait until the data is exported.

Enjoy your new data integration!

Make the most out of the integration in an easily digestible and visualized way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started with DOIT-BI?

Just choose the connector you need and follow the installation instructions. Everything is done natively through your tools.

What security guarantees do you provide?

All your data is protected and backed up. We have passed all necessary security checks and have the appropriate certifications.

What analytics tools do you support?

We support Power BI, Tableau, Looker, and many others.

How to get technical support?

Our support service is available 24/7. You can contact us via email, forms on the website, or marketplaces.

What benefits will I get by choosing DOIT-BI?

You'll get a user-friendly interface, high security, and 24/7 support. Ready-made solutions for your tasks and very minimal costs.

Do you have a free version?

Payment methods vary, but the main services are paid for through the marketplaces of the tools for which you buy connectors from us.

Our Clients Reviews

Microsoft Power BI & Tableau Connector for Jira (Cloud)

Plugin is great and the support incredibly responsive. I recommend using this plugin.

Albert Desbazeille


Microsoft Power BI & Tableau Connector for Jira (Cloud)

Plugin works fine. Support is very responsive to my questions/requests/ideas. I had to go that route due to the lack of reporting in JIRA. "Power BI & Tableau for Jira Cloud" + "Power BI" seems to be a good alternative solution.

Microsoft Power BI & Tableau Connector for Jira (Cloud)

This plugin works and has been easy to set up. The developer has been very responsive to requests for help and improvement requests. I highly recommend Power BI for reporting over anything in Jira. From reporting on actual time tracking, linking epics through to sub-tasks, or developing gantt chart roadmaps. The usability of Power BI far exceeds what Jira can do, and this plugin helps us get the data in a nice format anyone familiar with database relationships will easily be able to work with.

Nate Dudenhoeffer


Microsoft Power BI & Tableau Connector for Jira (Cloud)

Good value for money. The connector was easily setup and support has been very helpful in fine-tuning the sync and answering some of my question.

Sherpa Business Automation


Microsoft Power BI & Tableau Connector for Jira

We use this app to pull Jira data into the PowerBI Desktop. It works very well. Documentation is good and tech support has been very good. The support agents are responsive and knowledgeable.

Jean Costello


Microsoft Power BI & Tableau Connector for Jira

This app has features that don't exist in others one. For example to allows you to connect to Profields app and BigPictures. The interface is easy to use and it allows you to enable and disable connection. On top of that, the support is amazing, I suggested to add a feature to the app and in two days, it was implemented and released.

Rami Khader